The performance of a new vehicle is one of the most important parts of its appeal. For Subaru vehicles, there is a lot that goes into crafting the performance profile of their cars and SUVs, and the Subaru Outback is a great example of what the end result can be.

The Subaru Outback has two different engines available. The base engine is a V4 rated for 182 horsepower. There is a turbocharged upgrade that gets up to 260 horsepower, which is a really significant increase. The Subaru Outback is a wagon, so like most other modern wagons, it has great off-road performance in addition to its more traditional driving. The upgraded engine helps a lot if you want to hit the trails, but the base model has great handling and it's quite durable, and the base model has a few special off-roading features like hill descent control for better performance. The Outback gets better gas mileage than most other wagons, especially with the base engine. It can also tow up to 3,500 pounds depending on the configuration. The profile of the Outback is highly versatile, and there is a lot of different roles and outings you can manage with it.

If you want to try out how the Subaru Outback feels on the road, then feel free to set up a test drive by contacting our team at West Houston Subaru in Houston, TX. You can also ask questions about its performance or any other aspect of its design. Our new and used inventory provides you with lots of options and plenty of great deals on new Subaru vehicles beyond just the Outback as well.

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