Meet the new stars of our Dog Tested commercials

Name: Kasey

Kasey is a 7-year-old Collie mix. He was rescued from an animal shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a strong personality and a commanding bark, he's the leader of the pack. Reward him with a bite of boneless BBQ chicken and he'll be loyal to you for life. In his spare time, Kasey loves to chase squirrels with his best friend, a Chihuahua.

Name: Daisy

Meet our gentle giant, Daisy. She's an 8-year-old Great Dane. Despite weighing in at well over 100 pounds, she moves with grace and elegance. Daisy is so relaxed she even sleeps on her back like her human owner. She can wave, cover her eyes and jump. Her favorite food is filet mignon and her favorite pastime is chasing a tennis ball.

Name: Paris

Poodles are regarded as the second most intelligent dog breed on the planet, and Paris is not going to let you forget that. She can speak on command, sit, wave, and do a backflip. When she's not showing off, Paris likes to play with her favorite toy, a stuffed pig. Her dinner of choice is boneless, cooked chicken. She prefers to sleep at the head of the bed on a pillow.

Name: Penny

Penny was named for the cute copper circle of fur on top of her head. She's an athletic bulldog who can skateboard, surf, snow ski and catch a Frisbee. Her best friend is a street-wise rescue Terrier that once saved her from a rattlesnake attack. Penny loves treats, especially if you put them in her favorite KONG® toy.

Name: Stella

Stella is an 8-year-old Blue Heeler mix. She was found in a ditch in Georgia with another puppy. The two dogs are still best friends today and sleep together every night (sometimes in their owner's bed). Stella loves to play at the beach and is an expert at digging in the sand and chasing seagulls. She can even strum an acoustic guitar.